Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pictures of Ken!

August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013
Que Transa?!

Me and Elder Jorgensen are doing great here in West Chester Spanish. We just found outon Friday that we will be together for one more transfer at least! We are so excited! Because me and him are getting along well and we might have three baptisms this next transfer so we both wanted to see them all get baptized. We are so excited to see our personal conversion change and also we both know that our Spanish is going to get so much better! We have improved so much since the last transfer. This area is very amazing and I am learning so many lessons everyday that I am here. I am so grateful for all the blessings God has given me here in this area.
This week I have been thinking about what I could share with you either a spiritual one or some stories. And I am still not sure. I have seen that the missionary work is being hastened we had a Jehovah witness come up to our sisters the other day and say that they heard we are no longer going door to door and trying to preach that way. (Which is true but they do not know how we are doing it.) Secrets love them. But it's not a secret we are going to get IPads soon and that is how we will be doing our Area books and planners and pretty much everything. We also are using facebook a lot more than people think. I invited one of our investigators to be baptized on Facebook this past week and he ACCEPTED! I was so excited! The conversation was short but I felt the spiritual prompting to invite him to be baptized so I invited him and he said yes. I could not believe that Facebook would be so useful. I have been so blessed I feel to be in this time in my mission because there is so much things that I feel like I was prepared for and this generation was prepared for that we are now doing in the mission field. I want to challenge all of you to share the Gospel on Facebook it is so powerful and people can and will receive strength from your posts. Do not be afraid to post the Gospel if it is so precious to you and makes you feel so good. Do you not want other people to have it also?
We have also been trying to find out talents that we have to share with people and to help this work progress. I am working on using Photoshop in this library to post things on Facebook so that people can have a visual of what we are saying. Also I hope that I will be doing more art work in the near future we just got to talk to some business's because the laws out here are so weird.
Do all the little things, They all matter, And they will all pay off.
Elder Kenneth Marse
Sorry this letter is so short we are going to Filly today and need to leave as fast as possible!

July 29, 2013 with picture attached

July 29, 2013
Here in West Chester everything is going great we are seeing a lot of miracles and I am truly seeing the Atonement work in peoples lives and how it literally changes your mind set when you get to see one of your investigators transformed by the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Elder Jorgensen and I are doing good we are trying to work with the ward to help re-activate less active members.  It is awesome because I think that me and Elder Jorgensen are just two peas in a pod. We don't really argue about anything and if there is anything we need to talk about we just say it because we know that is the only way to be able to work in harmony with each other. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be companions with Elder Jorgensen and for me and him to learn together as we both do not have that much experience in the field. I am hoping that at the end of this week I am able to say that I have become a better missionary since the start of this Transfer. I have set goals to make sure and to check how I have changed and what I can improve on for this next Transfer.

This week I wanted to write you about a topic that I think people just look over a lot or don't think that it is very important.


Elder Jorgensen and I have had a very interesting lesson that we learned this past week as we witnessed miracles in our area. At the start of this month while we were at Zone Training we were giving accountability for baptismal dates. As we were discussing with each other on what we would say I felt prompted to be honest. We wanted to say one baptism for August. But in reality we had none. Through all the thoughts that were going through my head from what they would think if we said zero. I was comforted to know that as we were honest with our accountability that the Lord would bless us. We agreed and told the Zone Leaders zero for August. Both of us knowing that we would try our hardest to not have that zero stay we started to make necessary plans to change that number. We prayerfully found investigators that could be baptized in that month and started to make specific plans to help them accept a date. For the next two weeks we had no success we could not get any of these investigators to accept a date. But in this last week after not seeing tow of our investigators for one week we stopped by both of their houses without an appointment and were able to extend invitations to baptism in August and they both accepted! They both told us that they know what they need to do and that this is the true Church on the earth today. We even got a new investigator from one who is very interested and came to church with him. I am loving this area so much. The ward is really understanding our urgency for less active work and I know that the Lord is going to help us out so much with reactivating these members!
News on my Spanish. Es muy bien yo puedo entender casi todo que los hispanos dicen. Pero a ves en cuando los dominicanos hablan muy rapido yo no puedo escucharles. Pero asi es estoy tratando cada dia.
My headaches are practically gone. I have been praying a lot about them and how I have the faith to be healed and it was when I was giving a blessing to one of the Sisters in our District I understood how I needed to have faith and that only Jesus Christ could heal me. I am so grateful for this blessing that I have to serve a mission here in Filly. Thank you all so much for your letters they really have helped me know that I have support as I am out here serving the Lord.
By the way the weather out here is nuts! Every once in a while it just wants to down pour for like an hour and we are just walking around. We are now on time number two for having to run a quarter mile to an appointment in the pouring rain. Got to love Kennett Square there is now place like it anywhere else.
NEWS! I have now been given a whole cow tongue that a member is going to teach me how to cook it and make super good tocos del lengua! Also we got a slow cooker from a member who had an extra one that gave us pork chops and a whole chicken! Me and Elder Jorgensen are learning how to cook super well here! We are going to be walking a lot in the next couple days because we don't have anymore miles left on our car but oh well I am going to be super dark! We find out this Friday if one of us is getting transferred. But we are pretty sure I won't and me and Elder Jorgensen don't think he will either but who knows crazy things do happen!
Cuidate Elder Kenneth Marse

By the way I thought that I would take a hardcore picture infront of this arch and send it to you guys! My Zone Leader took it for me. Your welcome.

July 22, 2013 with picture attached

July 22, 2013
Hola Como Estan Todos?!
Elder Jorgensen and I are doing amazing here in West Chester as we just had a baptism yesterday of Britney. She is amazing and her dad was able to baptize her because he just got the priesthood last week! He is a body builder by the way and could crush my head between hes biceps. I love it so much! You can also here him walking to the door when he comes because there is no basement so you just here like pounding and you know its him. My Spanish is coming along super great! I am learning so much everyday as we just keep on talking to everyone! Update on the migraines I am on medication right now but I just keep going out everyday and working hard. My migraines are not very strong anymore. Also I have to go see a neurologist. I finally found a doctor that is covered under my insurance and He can not see me till August 13th so we will find out then or after. Who knows?! I am right now getting diagnosed with narcolepsy so that is pretty interesting wonder who I got it from?

The 4th of July here was pretty calm I thought it would be crazy but it wasn't but I did see a lot of drunk people so that was funny. But anyways I was walking with a member and my companion around this building on the 4th of July when I hear some music playing. My body took control of all resistance that I gave it and gave into a whole hearted fist pump in the air and a little jig of my hips. That is a lesson I have now learned never to do when you live around a lot of Black People. As I looked up to see where the music was coming from I saw two black ladies on their porch just dancing away. And I instantly realized that one of them had seen me do my little thing. And instantly I knew that this was going to be an interesting walk. She then goes on to say, "MY SON! MY SON!" (In a Philly accent) She then proceeds to walk down here stairs coming over to my companion, me, and a member. She then goes, "come on my son lets dance!" She then grabs my hand and tries to start to spin. I of course say, "sorry mam I can not do this. She then goes to each of us and tries to dance (even the member). She was very drunk and a lot bigger and stronger than me so I could not do much in the fight of resistance. Luckily her ACTUAL son came over and pulled her off of us and took her back across the street.
Another story is we were meeting with one of our Mexican investigators that is 75 years-old and it was so funny because we were seeing how much English he speaks! Well we were very impressed by what he said so here it is.
Fransiscos English:
1) I don't know
2) Hamburgers
3) Pizza
4) I don't speak English
5) I don't understand
6) Hello
7) How are you?
8) I am Barrack Obama
9) Barrack Obama likes my money
I was dying of laughter the whole time and he was laughing to. I just wanted to this time share some more stories because I feel like I have not shared that many yet. Also a Less Active took us out for Sushi last week so here is a picture of it.

July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013
Hey Everyone!
Well everything here is going pretty good and we are just trying not to die out here with all of the random weather here. One day we have pouring rain all day and it feels great. Next day we have just a burning hot humid day which they are no fun you can not do anything with out dripping sweat. Then the next day we have just a cloudy day maybe with a little lighting it is pretty weird and I think my body does not like it because I have been getting a little sick and my migraines are going crazy so now I have to go to the doctor and I am not allowed to drive until I get cleared. But I hope that it is not to bad the Nurse lady in our ward thinks that I either have mini seizures or that I might have narcolepsy because I conked out while driving the other day. But then this other nurse lady says I might have epilepsy. I was very worried about what I was going to do or what the doctor was going to say but I have praying a lot lately and I know that my faith is in the right spot. I told Sister Anderson my Presidents wife that I am here spiritually I am growing and I am being converted more and more everyday. But that my body just is not agreeing with my Spirit. But I know that anything is possible.

Matthew 19:26 "But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."

I wanted to share somethings with you this week that I have been pondering deeply and really trying to apply it to my life. I started to read the New Testament this past week and I am just filled with comfort as I have read the teachings of Jesus Christ to His disciples in parables. And I have been really pondering this parable to about how Jesus Christ was the perfect example of what we should be doing as members of this church and as the work is being hastened what we must do. In Matthew we have the parable of Jesus Christ going into the mountains to find the one lost sheep that strayed away from the heard.

Matthew 18:11 For the Son of Man is come to save that which was lost.
 12 How think ye? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray?
 13 And if so be that he find it, verily I say unto you, he rejoiceth more of that sheep, than of the ninety and nine which went not astray.
 14 Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.
But as I look at that and think about a meeting we had yesterday with our Bishop. I could not help but think that this sheep is in the world today a Less Active Member of The Church. And when I was looking at the baptisms that I have had are all through a less active member in our ward. That lost sheep is who we need to be searching for as missionaries and also as members of this Church of Jesus because I believe that if He was here today that He would be doing that because the are lost. I challenge all of you that if you have friends or family that are less active and try to get them to come back to the Church we need them! More than ever!
Elder Marse

July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

There is this thing here called First Friday and everywhere pretty much here every First Friday in the Summer they have something special going on it is super weird and out here in Kennett Square it was not that interesting. But ya Kennett Square is doing great we just had the confirmation of two of our investigators and we have a baptism in two weeks! We are so excited! My Spanish is doing great I finally understand the Mexican accent which is super nice now. By the way there has been no rain the past couple of days until today it started to rain which is nice because I can not stand the hot humid days that we have been having. And when I say hot humid days I mean HOT HUMID DAYS. We pray before we leave the house always and now me and my companion just start to drip sweat. But luckily we have a A/C Unit in our bedroom. So ya it still smells like mushrooms everyday so that is always a pleasant smell.

Elder Jorgensen and I are doing amazing in West Chester Spanish. We are finding that our Spanish is getting better and better with everyday because we are so new with it and we just know that we mess up and that messing up will happen and that we need to learn from our mistakes so that we can become the missionaries that we have set goals to become. We have been doing great as we have been helping the Sisters out in our district with any problems they have with their areas and trying to motivate them so that we can become a district that you can trust fully. I have been thinking about something this past week very much and was able to talk to Elder Larson the assistant about it and he gave me some powerful but simple advice that I feel like I could have thought of but sometimes it just takes someone to say it to you. But what he said will ring in my ears for my whole mission. His answer to my question "how can I become the best junior companion that I can be?" He replied with, "Serve your companion." Something that I have probably heard time after time had never pierced my thought as much as this reply did. I thought about it again and again and pondered about it and as I started the New Testament this week it clicked. Elder Larson maybe did not realize this but he had taught me his fellow missionary by the Spirit and I can not thank him enough. In Matthew the common factor that sticks out to me is that Jesus Christ himself served more than anyone else. He never stopped serving from healing the sick to making the lame walk and to suffering in the Garden for us. To me this is what Elder Larson wanted me to understand is that I must be like Christ if I want to be the best companion I can be. Serve the everyone Charity is an aspect that we must all learn and that we need in our lives.
I also had the opportunity to teach with my companion our Gospel Principles class in Spanish about Charity. I have a new outlook on how important Charity is in our daily lives and the blessings that we get to receive from them are enormous and indescribable! We must look for opportunities to find people to serve when we do this we are becoming like Christ and God will see our desires in our hearts that we want to build His Kingdom more and more everyday. I love Charity and am so blessed to be able to be serving a mission. I know that Charity is an attribute of Christ and that as we reflect Christ we will be able to more fully understand what He did for us.

Elder Marse

July 2, 2013

July 2, 2013
Man the new area is sick! I got moved to an area that is called West Chester and we only cover 1 ward out here always. But it is super funny because my last area did not have that many spanish people but when I came here we live in the city called Kennett Square and it is 50% hispanic! We just walk on the streets and contact people. It is raining like crazy here and is going to rain for the rest of this week so the weather says. But ya man it is pretty sweet me and my companion have been out for the same time it's pretty funny and he is from Taylorsville and we played soccer against each other in High School! We are in a Sistric which means that me and my companion are the only two elders with 4 other sisters in my district. It's pretty crazy I would say myself.

We had an experience yesterday that taught me a very important lesson on the mission it was actually with a investigator that has a baptismal date and we were going to stop by her house so that we could teach her. But as we got there and knocked the door the daughter came out and told us she was not home which we were sad about but then she said that her dad had moved here from California and he was in the house. We then just kept talking for awhile and just asked her some simple questions but then I was prompted to ask if we could go in and meet her dad. So I did so and since I am new to the area my companion said I have never met the dad. I said perfect lets go meet him. So we went in and sat down with him. He is a very nice and humble man from Mexico as we were talking some how we started to talk about the Restoration and our church and by the end we invited him to be baptized and he accepted! It was a miracle and it taught me a very important lesson that is when you plan by the spirit the night before than there is a reason why you are going to go there and to that area and that you should not just leave once your plan does not work pray and listen to the spirit to be guided by Him.
I do have a Facebook now my name is "Elder Kenneth Marse" but I will tell you that you can not add me as a friend sorry. My Facebook is primarily for the missionary work. But I will be posting pictures and other things on there. You can follow me so we are not friends but you will see all the things that I have.
I have also learned down here that eating with utensils is pretty much the most gringo thing that you can do! So we eat with our hands, WE EAT EVERYTHING WITH OUR HANDS. It's actually pretty fun.
If you want to send me a letter you can send it to my new address which is:
321 Marshall Street Apt A
Kennett Square, PA 19348
Con Amor Elder Marse